Short Web Survey, Inc. is an independent data processing firm specializing in short online surveys and CATI programming.  We bring to our clients a staff with over 15 years experience in all aspects of marketing research.  Of course, our data integrity meets all industry standards and guidelines and is rigorously checked for quality.  In addition to offering online programming and data retrieval, we provide our clients a variety of services including:

      *      Custom Web Surveys using Sawtooth SSW Web and Cold Fusion programming language

*      CATI, CAPI and Data entry using Ci3 programming language by Sawtooth

*      Cross-tabulation of data for tables and banners using Wincross, including statistical significance testing.  If you have data files, and want more information from them, we can help.

*      Wide variety of statistical analysis using SPSS, including but not limited to conjoint, regression and factor analysis

 Overall, our experience has shown us that clients want quick, reliable data at a reasonable cost.  Bottom-line, that is exactly what we provide. 

 If your company needs to outsource its data processing or desires an online survey programmed we hope that you will give Short Web Survey, Inc. a call at (541) 280-7369 or e-mail us at .

 …We love the data…                                

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